Thursday 8 September 2016

Place to Stay in Port Alberni

Attractions of Port Alberni

Bluebird motel is best places to stay on vancouver island in the British Columbia province of Canada, Port Alberni is a very popular tourist destination. Whether it is an extended weekend or the long drawn out summer vacations, the beaches and hotels of Port Alberni are streaming with tourists out to have “fun in the sun”. 

Apart from its ports and beaches, Port Alberni is also well-known for its hiking trails. As the town is located at the foothills of Mount Arrow smith, it is surrounded by mountains on all sides. These scenic locales provide many opportunities for hiking, trekking and mountain biking. People also flock to Port Alberni for its many different varieties of fishes. One can find five different varieties of salmon and yearly flocks of Steele in the Port Alberni waters. 

Port Alberni sits beneath Mount Arrow smith and is almost completely surrounded by mountains. These beautiful mountains provide great hiking, walking, and mountain biking trails. It also provides the rare opportunity to view wildlife, including deer and black bears.

The city is also known for its fishing. Its waters contain five different species of salmon and yearly runs of steel head. Different varieties of Halibut can also be found in and around the city. 

Best Place to stay in Port Alberni - Bluebird Motel

With so many people visiting Port Alberni for tourist as well as business reasons, business is always booming for the hotels and motels in the city. Among the various options, which travelers will look for, Bluebird Motel stands out as one of the cheap motel port alberni options available.

Bluebird motel with kitach facilites
Strategically located at the middle of Port Alberni, Bluebird Motel offers standard facilities like single as well as double rooms at the cheapest rates available in the market. All the rooms in the motel come equipped all the standard facilities like TV, free internet, fridge, air-conditioning and an in-room phone. Facilities are also provided so that one can easily prepare a cup of tea/coffee or a light breakfast before heading out for the day. Bluebird Motel has 21 rooms available for customers to stay as long as they want. Payment can be one both in cash or in exchequer format.